Manufacturers from who we source our towbars.

Brink towbars provides more than two thousand different types of tow bars and develops about two hundred new ones annually. This is made possible by their flexible production and a high degree of automation. From their warehouse, Brink offers a complete towing kit including all fixing materials. This allows Brink to quickly deliver all orders, which applies to almost every car. Of course, Brink’s tow bars meet all the quality standards. The longevity, safety and a smooth operation and control are therefore guaranteed.

Ex works

Brink supplies to virtually all car manufacturers and is therefore able to deliver matching tow bars for new cars immediately after their introduction. Their cooperation with the car manufacturers is highly comprehensive. As early as the design phase of the car, Brink actively follows the production process and offers input to the car manufacturer.
The specialists of Brink Towing Systems are working on tow bars that perfectly fit your car already two years before it goes into production. These and more have made ‘Quality’ into a key word at Brink Group BV.

Did you know?

  • Brink cooperates with almost all major car manufacturers and develops customized tow bars for every single car?
  • The European tow bar coupling is not allowed in the United States and vice versa?
  • Brink annually produces around one million tow bars?
  • Brink tow bars meet all the quality standards you can find?
  • The use of detachable tow bars has increased significantly in recent years?
  • Brink has opened its own new test centre in 2010, where tests can be done in accordance with the latest and most stringent standards?

Following over 20 years in the towing industry, Tow-Trust Towbars Ltd was set up by Joint Directors Ian & Elaine Miller in 1991.  The company was founded with a small ambition that has grown and grown ever since; ‘to provide the highest quality products’.  Located in a single Unit in Atherstone, Warwickshire, the company set about this ambition by manufacturing and fitting towbars on a small scale for the local Midland’s area.  As the product range and reputation of this new manufacturing firm grew, the 1990’s quickly saw Tow-Trust establish themselves as a nationwide supplier of towbars and towing products.

The direction of the company from day one was simple, ‘to supply quality products at competitive prices’ and this philosophy remains very much at the heart of Tow-Trust today.  Quickly out growing their previous manufacturing site, Tow-Trust moved in 1995 to larger premises on the Carlyon Road Industrial Estate in Atherstone in order to house new hi-tech machinery that improved production efficiency and quality.

Through the years Ian and Elaine have been joined by their two sons Tom and Alan, who along with Tow-Trust’s large specialised work force have also bought into the values of the family business; quality, quality, quality.  Despite the structure of the company growing vastly over the years, the ‘personal approach’ that is often associated with a family business is very much still in evidence today.  Still located at the current premises on Carlyon Road in Atherstone, the production site continues to grow enabling higher volumes of stock, improved production capabilities and more of the latest manufacturing equipment to be held.  This has all aided Tow-Trust in supplying its established national network of committed stockists.

Whilst now also supplying areas of Europe, there is one simple thing that makes Tow-Trust especially proud today ‘œthere are many customers who we supplied at the beginning, who we still supply today.  I believe that pays a huge compliment to not only the products we supply, but to the first class personal service we offer here at Tow-Trust’ comments Managing Director Ian Miller who adds ‘œword of mouth is probably the best form of advertisement there is, and through our network of happy customers nationwide, we are now constantly approached by other professional fitting centres for supply of our products’.

So whilst many professionals appear to have bought into Tow-Trust’s shared ambition, it is now up to you to ask for a Tow-Trust product next time you need a towbar fitting.

A1 Towing – Setting the Standards in Design and Production of Quality Towing Equipment

A1 Towing Limited is a long established business, offering an excellent range of Towbars and Towing Accessories to clients throughout the UK. The company, which is based in Sheffield, originally started out in the 1980’s and has many years experience in the Towing sector.

The business delivers a range of Type approved Towbars and accessories to its customers. The company offers quality at affordable and consistent prices that its customers can rely on.

With a fully fitted workshop, the business also has expert staff enabling customers to benefit from a “Same Day While-You-Wait” towbar fitting service.

Featuring Type Approved and Non Type Approved Towbars for a wide variety of vehicles, the quality towbars that are supplied by the company A1 Towing Limited are suitable for many vehicles including commercials and imports. Available direct from the A1 factory in Sheffield at sensible prices, the products set the standards in design and production that discerning customers expect and can be relied upon for their excellent safety record and rigorous testing.

With a large team of dedicated friendly employees, A1 Towing Limited has a growing and experienced, highly skilled workforce. A1 Towing Limited has an expanding customer base, located throughout the UK, including internet retailers and large fitting operations. The company is managed by a team of local entrepreneurs who have been involved in the Auto Parts and Products business for many years. The directors are well trained to oversee the company, having previously worked for a broad range of employers

About Witter Towbars 
Towbars to Trust

Since it was founded over half a century ago, Witter Towbars has consistently set the standard for quality, reliability, and value for money.

The company was formed in 1950 by Colin Witter, who saw an opportunity to meet the growing demand for easy-to-fit towing brackets from caravan and trailer owners who were benefiting from the increased leisure time enjoyed by post-war Britain.

It was his vision that led to the creation of Witter Towbars, the UK’s leading towbar manufacturer. Today, thanks to continuous investment, the Witter name is synonymous with the highest standards of design, quality, safety and security for motorists and road users. From its modern headquarters on Deeside, North Wales, the company supplies a complete range of towbars and accessories through a helpful nationwide network of specialist stockists and fitters.

Versatility & Quality on the Move

Our complete range of towing products are designed for today’s modern lifestyles – from straightforward towbars to award-winning cycle carriers that provide a practical, safe and easy-fit solution to the problem of transporting bikes on vehicles. We are proud of our innovative approach, which is shaping the direction of towbar design and development throughout Europe.

Using the latest 3D CAD systems, our fully qualified engineers design products to fit all major vehicle manufacturers’ specified attachment points. Our towbars are manufactured from high strength structural steel plate, tube and section material and shaped into components using the very latest production techniques and processes.

The Witter Shield of Safety

Every Witter towbar is covered by our Shield of Safety, a symbol of quality, backed by a genuine lifetime guarantee. This is made possible through our continuing investment in skills, technology and quality systems. We are totally committed to quality and have full accreditation as a Quality Assured Company, ensuring that Witter towbars continue to occupy a place at the forefront of engineering excellence.

Quality is a key driver in Westfalia-Automotive’s success. All Westfalia-Automotive products comply with stringent European Regulations and are precision engineered by highly skilled and dedicated employees in state of the art production facilities.

All Westfalia-Automotive towbars are designed using the latest 3D Computer Aided Design. This gives great flexibility during the design process. Once a prototype has been developed, it is then tested to the European Type Approval requirements of Directive 94/20EC.

Testing is carried out in Westfalia-Automotives own laboratories using servo hydraulic test rigs. In addition to 94/20EC testing, Westfalia-Automotive also have state of the art 3-Dimensional test rigs that allow us to test to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) standards. This highest level of testing is not normally associated with aftermarket products. Westfalia-Automotive’s quality management systems include ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TS 16949.

Westfalia-Automotive’s state of the art Innovation Centre draws together all of the design and pre-production skills under one roof, providing a creative and innovative working environment. The centre, which provides over 3500m2 of space across two levels, has been specifically designed to facilitate maximum and efficient communication between seven different project teams and to encourage interaction of ideas and innovative thought. The Innovation Centre is home to nearly 100 employees.

Through the Innovation Centre, links have been developed with universities to create graduate training programmes that ensure high calibre recruits are available to strengthen our teams. Westfalia-Automotive strongly believes that investment is not just for today but also for the future.